Farzi Cafe customers had their debit cards cloned!


06 Jul 2017

Scam at Farzi Café: Debit cards cloned, Rs. 6L stolen

A scam has been unearthed at Farzi Café in Delhi's Connaught Place. An employee has been booked for cloning debit/credit cards of customers and withdrawing over Rs. 6,03,000 from people's accounts.

An FIR has been filed against Mohammad Badrul Islam Barduiya, who is absconding.

The scam came to light when police found that 13 victims had lost money while they were at Farzi Café.


13 victims lost money while they were at Farzi Café

13 victims lost money while they were at Farzi Café

HDFC initially reached out to cops complaining about cloning of credit/debit cards of its customers. They mentioned at least 13 such cases that took place while the customers were sitting at Farzi.

All of them had their cards on them when the unauthorized transactions took place.

Farzi Café cooperated. The bank had already alerted it. They reviewed CCTV footage and zeroed in on Barduiya.

Modus Operandi

Cloned customers' cards, then secretly looked at their PIN

"He used to take the card with him on the pretext of getting the card machines and cloned it. He then used to secretly watch the customer enter the PIN and later used it to withdraw cash. He had done it over 8-10 times," a police officer said.

Barduiya, an Assam native, stopped coming to work from March.

Investigation is ongoing. Police say arrests will be made soon.

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