150 pins found inside Kota man


08 Jul 2017

150 pins found in man's body, doctors suspect mental illness

In April, Badrilal Meena, who hails from Barda Village in Kota, underwent a CT scan revealing that he had 75 pins embedded in his body.

Four months later, after being admitted in six different hospitals and undergoing surgery, the number of pins increased to 150.

What's strange is, neither Badrilal, nor his wife and son know how the pins got there.


His neck resembled a pin-cushion

Last fortnight, Badrilal arrived at AIIMS, Faridabad, complaining of breathlessness and throat pain.

A CT scan showed his neck resembled a pin-cushion. Over 150 pins were found in his body.

His windpipe was being pierced by 10 pins, three were passing through his food pipe, one was in his vocal cords and two were cutting through brain's main blood supplying carotid artery.

Psychiatric help

Doctors want Badrilal to undergo psychiatric evaluation, he refuses

The pins were surgically removed from Badrilal's neck and abdomen on June 29 and July 2.

Earlier, doctors at Delhi's Northern Railway Central Hospital had extracted seven pins from his neck and four from his upper and lower limbs.

Doctors wanted him to be admitted for psychiatric evaluation but he refused saying there was nothing wrong with him.

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Doctor says his condition could resurface unless he gets help

Doctor says his condition could resurface unless he gets help

"I cannot give a diagnosis, but he might be delusional and psychotic," said Dr. Smita Deshpande of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

"He could have inserted the pins because he imagined he was following commands of the voices in his head," she said.

Dr. Deshpande said it's possible Badrilal wants to inflict self-harm.

She said Badrilal needs psychiatric help else his condition could resurface.

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