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14 Jul 2017

Gurugram residents are using this fridge to fight food wastage

Gurugram: Residents start community fridge, reduce food wastage

A residential society in Gurugram has started a community fridge to reduce wastage of food and combat hunger.

The residents of Suncity have installed a fridge near the entrance of the apartment, in which they contribute both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items.

The idea is those in need of food, other than society residents can have whatever they please from the fridge.

In context

Gurugram: Residents start community fridge, reduce food wastage
The response is great, says a Gurugram resident


The response is great, says a Gurugram resident

One of the residents of Suncity shared her experience about the community fridge saying the response has been good so far.

She said, "I have seen many people leave food in the fridge. From sweets to bread, everything is being kept in the fridge for consumption."

Residents are doing their bit to contribute to this unique initiative.

Behind this idea

Meet the man who began this 'community fridge': Rahul Khera

One of the key people behind this unique idea of community fridge is Rahul Khera.

Khera, a Suncity resident along with others set up an organization named 'Sharing Shelves' to combat food wastage.

He said that this is part of a bigger initiative that they were trying to implement in their society.

Khera added that this idea would help those in need of food.

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Another 'community fridge' down South


Another 'community fridge' down South

Not just in Gurugram, but in March 2016, Minu Pauline, owner of a popular restaurant Pappadavada in Kochi, too installed a community fridge under a tree and named it as the Virtue Tree.

Apart from the food that her restaurant keeps in the refrigerator, they request individuals, event managers and restaurant owners to deposit leftovers, but fresh and eatable food for the needy.


Food wastage in India

India ranks 63 among 88 countries in Global Hunger Index with at least 20 crore Indians sleeping hungry on any given day.

Almost 21 million tonnes of wheat are wasted in India each year.

For the unversed, the money which is wasted per year in India from wasting food is estimated at Rs. 58,000 crore.

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