Electing President: 33% of the electoral college has criminal cases

15 Jul 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
India's criminal college: Less women, more criminals

An analysis of the electoral college by the Association for Democratic Reforms revealed that amongst those who will be electing our President 33% have criminal cases against them.

34% of these are Lok Sabha MPs, 19% are Rajya Sabha MPs and 33% MLAs are on this list.

20% members have declared serious criminal cases including Rajesh Ranjan (Pappu Yadav, RJD), Becharam Manna (AITC) and Mohammed Iliyas Hussain (RJD).

In context: India's criminal college: Less women, more criminals

IndiaElecting the President: Know the electoral college

The presidential polls are scheduled on July 17 and a total of 10,91,472 affidavits have been submitted by MPs and MLAs. While the value of 1 MP's vote is 708, that of an MLA depends on his state assembly's size and the population of his state.

If analysts are to be believed Kovind has 62% (6,82,677) committed votes while Kumar has 34% (3,76,261) committed votes and 4% (39,965) undecided.

15 Jul 2017Electing President: 33% of the electoral college has criminal cases

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The common factor in all parties: Criminal netas

Across the Indian electoral college, the BJP has 31% MPs and MLAs with criminal cases, Congress with 26%, Trinamool Congress with 29%, CPI(M) has 49%, and CPI has 58% such criminal MPs and MLAs.

15 Jul 2017Only 9% women in India's electoral college

Women may be the backbone of the nation but this is not true for the electoral college.

Of the total 4,852 MPs and MLAs only 451 i.e 9% are women.

Lok Sabha has 65 women as MPs (12%) and the figure drops further in the Rajya Sabha, with merely 10% women.

At the state and Union Territory assembly level only 9% are women.

15 Jul 201771% of the MPs/MLAs crorepatis, Karnataka leads the brigade

The report also revealed that 71% i.e 3,460 of 4,852 MPs and MLAs are crorepatis.

Collectively, "445 (82 per cent) out of 543 Lok Sabha MPs, 194 (84 per cent) out of 231 Rajya Sabha MPs, 2721 (68 per cent) out of 4,078 MLAs from all state and UT assemblies" are on this list.

Karnataka has the highest number of multi-millionaire MPs/MLAs- 93% to be precise.

The tilted balance: Nagaland has 0% women votes

Ironically, Nagaland which has no woman MP or MLA will have zero percentage women votes in the electoral college.