Medical Council tells NEET students to beware of fraudsters

19 Jul 2017 | Written by Vaneet Randhawa; Edited by Gaurav Jeyaraman

With NEET counseling nearing, touts have begun flooding the market with messages claiming that they could get a 'back door entry' for students to medical colleges without the counseling.

Seeking anything between Rs. 10 lakh- Rs 1.25 crore, the agents are promising admission.

The Medical Council has warned students that anyone who is caught paying for the MBBS/BDS seat, their admission will be canceled.

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10 May 2017NEET discrimination, non-uniformity in question papers

A students group filed a petition against the NEET exam, which was conducted in 10 different languages, alleging discrimination.

They stated that the question papers varied for different languages and states.

In Tamil Nadu, the students alleged that the Tamil language paper was much easier compared to the English language paper.

The petitioners demanded that the CBSE conduct a fresh examination with uniform question-papers.

25 May 2017Madras HC orders CBSE to halt NEET evaluations

On 25th May, the Madras High Court passed an order that stayed all further proceedings including evaluation, and publishing of results of the NEET exam for MBBS and BDS admissions.

The move was seen as a major stumbling block for the NEET exams and could delay admissions for MBBS/BDS aspirants.

The decision was made at a hearing of petitions against the NEET exam.

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Field day for scamsters as NEET results get delayed

ScamstersField day for scamsters as NEET results get delayed

The lag in the announcement of the NEET results has left those aspiring for a medical/dental seat at the mercy of the middlemen who are preying upon their anxieties.

While students who have chosen engineering have started getting admissions, medical students see no such respite.

Taking advantage of this, scamsters have started demanding Rs. 20-30 lakh for a seat from these students.

14 Jul 2017SC says no to nullifying NEET but will hear petitioners

Keeping in mind the 6.11 lakh candidates who have successfully cleared the NEET, the Supreme Court refused to "nullify" the exam.

The bench said that it would be "very difficult" to confuse the admissions "with so many candidates at stake".

However, the bench maintained that what has transpired is 'unlawful' and agreed to hear pleas against NEET as CBSE filed affidavit after 3 days.

CBSE defends itself but SC isn't buying it

The CBSE counsel Maninder Singh said: "The level of difficulty of questions were the same in all the languages. We will put it in the affidavit that there were two sets of question papers". Counsel said different papers were to avoid leaking of question papers.

19 Jul 2017Medical Council tells NEET students to beware of fraudsters

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Legal waysDon't get fooled, follow the legal method warns Medical Council

The Medical Council of India has warned the students that only those counseled by the Medical Counselling Committee will get admission.

The MCI issued guidelines where the students first need to apply online and then get their documents verified.

Depending on their NEET rank, they will get admission into their preferred colleges.

The MCI said those with direct entry would be weeded out.