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25 Jul 2017

UK to fund solar energy, health projects in India

UK funds health, food security projects in India

UK's top funding agency the Global Challenges Research Fund of the Research Councils UK (RCUK), has included India among several countries which would receive financial assistance worth 225 million pounds.

This is being doled out to implement projects in solar energy and eye testing in diabetic patients to prevent blindness.

The projects would also focus on anti-violence computer games and reducing urban social inequality.

In context

UK funds health, food security projects in India

Who is involved?

SUNRISE, a UK-led collaborative project including the University of Swansea is in charge of implementing solar projects in India, while experts from University of Cambridge are involved in the TIGR2ESS food security program.

What does RCUK do?


What does RCUK do?

RCUK is globally considered to be one of the most ambitious research programs. It supports projects ranging from 2-8 million pounds over a 4-year time period.

The current funding announcement amounting to 225 million pounds is expected to be invested to address problems in issue areas including conflict, society and technology, health, environment and humanitarian crisis in different countries.

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Employing UK's technological base to address global challenges

"From healthcare to green energy, the successful projects receiving funding highlight the strength of the UK's research base and our leadership in helping developing countries tackle some of the greatest global issues of our time," notes UK universities and science minister, Jo Johnson.


What is being planned for India?

In order to prevent large-scale blindness in India, funds will be channelled to employing advanced technology such as a hand-held camera, which would make eye testing cheaper.

Another project titled TIGR2ESS focuses on ushering in a second green revolution in India, against the backdrop of rapidly expanding urban spaces.

Funding will also try to boost innovation and manufacturing in solar technology by combining expertise.

TIGR2ESS: Enhancing food security

According to the project summary, TIGR2ESS shall focus on, "Smallholder farmers- particularly women - need smart technologies to sustain crop yields, and improve health and nutrition. The program will assess these options, as well as supporting basic research program, and providing advice to local communities."

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