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26 Jul 2017

Air India menu to soon have wines, mocktails and more!

Air India planning on brand new menu!

In a bid to woo business class and international passengers, Air India is now planning on introducing items from regional cuisine, mocktails and wines in their menu soon.

According to official sources, the proposal was made after the Ministry of Civil Aviation directed Air India's catering division to "spend more to fill the aircraft".

Let's see what Air India has in store for passengers!

In context

Air India planning on brand new menu!

Why is this being done?

Air India's seat occupancy rates in business class and first class currently stand at 70% and 37% respectively. The menu is being refurbished to woo more passengers thereby achieving at least a 10% increase in seat occupancy, which can lead to increased revenues.

What does Air India plan to do?


What does Air India plan to do?

The new menu is likely to be introduced by the winter schedule, which would commence by October end. They also plan to introduce new cutlery.

Also in the pipeline, is an idea to serve the passengers the food of their choice through pre-ordering.

They also plan on imparting a refresher training for their chefs in 28 countries who have "lost their Indian touch".

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