Haryana's anti-beef bill gets President's nod

13 Nov 2015 | By Kartikeya Jain

President Pranab Mukherjee has given his approval to the bill against cow slaughter, eight months after it was passed in the Haryana Assembly.

As soon as the Haryana government issues a notification, the rules for the implementation of the new law would be drafted.

Sale of beef was already banned in the state, but this bill prohibits sale of packaged beef too.

In context: Haryana's anti-beef bill gets wings

8 Mar 2015Anti-beef bill would conserve cattle: Dhankar

Haryana Agriculture Minister Om Parkash Dhankar said that existing cow sheds would be upgraded and made self-sufficient under the anti-beef bill.

The state would provide financial and technical support to cow welfare organisations like Gaushalas.

The government would make special effort in making A-2 milk protein available in the milk of indigenous cows.

A-2 is beneficial for control of diabetes, cholesterol and better digestibility.

16 Mar 2015Haryana passes bill banning cow slaughter

The Haryana assembly passed the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Bill, 2015 that bans cow slaughter, export of cows for slaughter and sale of beef.

If any person desires to export cows, a permit from government would be required with a declaration that the cows would not be slaughtered.

No permit would be issued for states where cow slaughter is not banned by law.

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What does that bill say?

16 Mar 2015What does that bill say?

According to the bill, the government would establish laboratories to differentiate beef from the meat of other animals, testing and identification of various constituents of milk and milk products.

Any vehicle that would be used in committing the crime, would be confiscated by the police.

The bill gives government a special power to issue special permits for export of cows.

16 Mar 2015Bill beneficial, support from opposition

According to the bill, the government would produce schemes for conversation and upgradation of indigenous breeds of cows.

The government would also provide incentives for production, processing and marketing of milk or milk products obtained from indigenous breeds of cows.

The bill had full support from the main opposition Congress and INLD.

It was unanimously passed in the budget session with a voice vote.

Punishment What is the punishment for violating the law?

Any person involved in cow slaughter can face upto 3-10 years of rigorous punishment along with Rs. 30,000-1,00,000 as fine.

Any person indulging in export of cows for slaughter can face upto 3-7 years in jail and fine of Rs. 30,000-70,000.

If any person is involved in the sale of beef, he can face upto 3-5 years of jail and Rs. 50,000 fine.

Non-bailable offence

The bill makes both violations — cow slaughter and beef sale — non-bailable.
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13 Nov 2015Haryana's anti-beef bill gets President's nod