Indian Railways: Now carry home-cooked food while traveling

30 Jul 2017 | By Roma Das
"Carry home-cooked food", says Railway Board Chairman

After being flooded with complaints of poor quality food, Railway Board chairman AK Mittal has asked travellers to carry home-cooked food to avoid any trouble.

Another problem which has been registered by the passengers, is that of dirty blankets. The Railways therefore, is working on a project to do away with the blankets in the AC coaches of some trains.

In context: "Carry home-cooked food", says Railway Board Chairman

30 Jul 2017Indian Railways: Now carry home-cooked food while traveling

Chairman saysImproving quality of food is problematic, says AK Mittal

Reacting over the issue of rising complaints with regard to food being served on trains, Railway Board Chairman AK Mittal said that it was a challenge to provide quality food to over 15 lakh passengers daily.

Mittal further stated that Railways were aware of the problem passengers faced with contractors compromising over the quality of food.

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E-catering: The alternative to quality food

AlternativesE-catering: The alternative to quality food

To solve the problem and ensure availability of quality food, Railways is now preparing its base kitchens, which will start functioning within a year.

With this provision, passengers will have access to fresh food every two hours.

Another alternative being promoted by the Railways is that of e-catering. Passengers are being encouraged to order food through e-catering portals.

Action-orientedDiscontinuing of blankets in AC coaches will be economical: Railways

The Railways has also been facing constant criticism that it gives dirty blankets to passengers, hence it is working on a project to discontinue them.

While blankets will be discontinued in some trains only, the Railways will maintain temperature at 24°C in these AC coaches so that people don't shiver.

Railways stated that the move to do away with blankets was economical.

AnalysisRailways has received over 7000 catering complaints, says government

The Railways has also been receiving complaints for overcharging of food, water bottles, tea and coffee by passengers off late.

As per government statistics, the Railways has received over 7000 complaints since 2014 related to catering services.

With the ongoing rise in complaints, the Railways has now also removed the mandatory catering service from trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto.