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05 Aug 2017

ISRO signs MoU for desi GPS system

With both, ISRO and CSIR-NPL signing an MoU, India is one step closer to having its own GPS system- Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC).

The indigenous GPS system will be independent and free from the US clock system.

The MoU will help the desi GPS sync with the Indian Standard Time (IST).

In context

ISRO signs MoU with CSIR-NPL for Indian GPS-system

NavIC provides both Standard Positioning, Restricted Services

The NavIC, which comprises of seven satellites, aims to provide reliable position, navigation and timing services in India and its neighborhood. The independent Indian satellite positioning system provides two services, the Standard Positioning Service (SPS) and Restricted Service (RS).

NPL's Primary National Atomic Clocks will be space clock synchronized


NPL's Primary National Atomic Clocks will be space clock synchronized

The signing of the MoU will help with the time and frequency traceability services.

Director of NPL, Dinesh Aswal said that once the MoU is signed, the space clocks would be synchronized to that of the Primary National Atomic Clocks at NPL.

Aswal further explained that for daily activities millisecond/microsecond accuracy was sufficient, nanoseconds level was required for navigation, surveillance and other missions.

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NPL gives accurate time for satellite navigation system

India's NPL is no less than America's NIST. It gives precisely accurate time for the satellite navigation system and has an accuracy of +20 or -20 nanoseconds. It has the Primary Reference Clock, which is traceable to the UTC, located in Sevres in France.


How will ISRO's indigenous GPS system affect you?

It will be used for regular usage, in cars and cell phones. It might also be used for navigation of ships or boats, fleet management, navigation for aircraft, and also for other satellites.

It can be also used in cases of disaster management security purposes.

NavIC will also help in providing synchronized time information.

It can be used for games and recreational purposes too.

These countries too have their own GPS system

America isn't the only country to have its own GPS. Russia has its GLONASS and the EU has its Galileo. Meanwhile, China is also developing its GPS namely, Beidou Navigation Satellite System. With NavIC, India too will find a place amongst these countries.

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