TRAI to allow set-top box portability soon!

08 Aug 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana

The DTH (Direct-to-home) service providers and cable operators have launched a price war to attract customers.

However, customers are at a loss when they switch providers, as the amount paid for set-top boxes (between Rs. 1,700-2,200) is non-refundable.

To overcome the issue, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is introducing 'set-top box portability' to enable customers to switch providers without replacing set-top boxes.

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In context: Set-top box portability in India

08 Aug 2017TRAI to allow set-top box portability soon!

Set-Top BoxesTRAI has been working on interoperability of set-top boxes

The set-top box (STB) portability, similar to mobile number portability, would be launched in 2018.

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma said they engaged Department of Telecommunications' Centre for Development of Telematics (CDoT) for developing "a prototype and technology architecture for interoperability of set-top boxes."

CDoT has developed a prototype, and they would now explore how to replicate and transfer the technology for commercial use.

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TRAI to take all stakeholders into consideration

TRAI Chairman Sharma said: "We will take all stakeholders into consideration. Piracy is an important concern here, especially for broadcasters. We will talk to them and develop a clear understanding so that there are no holes in the system which can be compromised with."
Cost is another big consideration, says Sharma

The CostCost is another big consideration, says Sharma

The cost of a set-top box depends on the DTH provider; it currently costs between Rs. 1,700-2,200.

The high cost and the non-refundable STB charges are the reason why customers do not switch operators even when they face issues.

Sharma said STB cost has to be reduced, but if it continues at the same price, portability would be an added advantage.

What Next?TRAI will first demonstrate the technology's robustness

Sharma said they would soon start demonstrating the new "robust and efficient" technology to stakeholders.

Subsequently, TRAI will discuss cost-related issues and seek their views before making its recommendations.

The technology encapsulates operator-specific requirements in the smart card and other details in the STB so that when customers switch providers, they only need to charge the card and not the box.

ProductionThe new STBs to be made in India

TRAI Chairman Sharma said the production of the STBs with the new technology "would be a part of Make in India."

He said they expect to solve the matter through discussions with service providers and operators in the next six months.

He added they hope to introduce the portability service in 2018; however, the finalization depends on several factors.

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Pre-consultation PaperTRAI brought out a pre-consultation paper last year

The TRAI had earlier brought out a pre-consultation paper on the interoperability issue of set-top boxes in Feb'16.

It prescribed the framework for commercial interoperability, tariff order, customer equipment, etc.

At that time, the regulator said it wants to allow interoperability as it will help customers and also promote the competition between operators while simultaneously improving the service quality.