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10 Aug 2017

Delhi Metro to have underground corridors for pickup-and-drop

To ease traffic congestion, the Delhi Metro has come up with an idea: underground pickup-and-drop points at stations on the proposed Phase IV network.

Unlike the present two-level stations where the first is the concourse and the second has platforms, if this idea is implemented, the first level in the three-level stations will have a corridor for pedestrians, public as well as private vehicles.

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Delhi Metro plans to help ease traffic
How will the new concept benefit commuters?


How will the new concept benefit commuters?

This facility will be available at the 28 underground stations of Phase IV's 79 total ones.

"Today, you have to come out on the road to get taxis but in phase IV, we'll provide that facility inside the station," said DMRC MD Mangu Singh said.

"Since we're already digging for (stations), it won't cost much. We'll just need to go 15-20m deeper."


Phase IV's six lines expected to ease traffic

On Phase III, DMRC is creating pedestrian zones around stations to ensure safe movement of commuters towards their next mode of transport.

In Phase IV, six lines have been proposed. They are expected to ease traffic in the congested Central and South Delhi.

Once it's completed, the Delhi Metro network will be 434kms long. Daily ridership will likely go up from 28L to 63L.

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