Five ways you are unknowingly killing your dog


12 Jul 2019

Five ways you are (unknowingly) cutting short your dog's life

Your dog deserves only the best.

And although, in your head, you might be putting in your best efforts - giving it tasty and healthy meals, landing it random kisses, and playing with it whenever you get time, it still might not be enough.

Here are five ways you might (unknowingly) be cutting short your pooch's life, and what you can do about them.


Letting it get too fat

Letting it get too fat

We get it if your doggy looks extra cute with a round figure, but that's no justification for you to let it gain too much weight.

Know that dogs do not break down food the same way as we do. Being overweight can put it at risk of disease and even untimely death.

Try giving it healthier food, and making it exercise more often.


Neglecting its dental health

Gum disease is common in dogs. Reports suggest that as many as 85% dogs suffer from the condition.

It is detrimental for your pet as it could lead to serious health issues like heart valve problems and even kidney infections.

To avoid this, try brushing its teeth frequently, and taking it for professional cleaning at least once a year.

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Ignoring its daily quota of exercise

Ignoring its daily quota of exercise

If you don't remember when was the last time you took your pooch out for a walk, it's a problem.

Having a regular exercise regimen for your dog is crucial as it will not only keep risk of obesity away, but will also provide it some mental stimulation.

Doctors suggest finding an activity fit for both you and your companion, and following it regularly.


Exposing your doggy to smoke

Second-hand smoke, most probably coming from yourself, could be extremely harmful for your little friend. It could lead to various ailments such as cancers and respiratory health problems.

Try staying away from the cancer stick for sake of your own and your dog's health.

If that's not possible, just be careful to walk away from it when you feel the urge to light it.

#5: Not letting your dog socialize

We realize you love your doggy, but being over-possessive to not let it go out and make new friends could be bad for its mental health, as it might arouse feelings of fear and anxiety, or even lead to certain dermatologic issues.

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