Tips for your first International trip


18 Jul 2019

Six simple tips to plan your first International trip

Planning your first foreign trip could be intimidating, but ideally, it must be fun and exciting.

And to be able to enjoy your maiden International outing to the fullest, proper planning and necessary arrangements will go a long way.

So before you board that much-awaited flight to your dream destination, here are six simple tips to sort out your journey.


Pick a destination and do your research

Pick a destination and do your research

With so many countries to choose from, getting confused about where to land is understandable.

So, take into account factors like your budget, convenience, and what different places have to offer. Only then take a call.

Also, research well and get to know about your destination country's laws, ethics and norms to not end up in an undesired situation during your trip.

Consider getting travel insurance

Although we'd never wish your first trip to go wrong, but mishaps can happen. Thus, get a travel insurance. It will help recover your lost or stolen luggage, meet medical urgency, among other benefits.

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Get done with passport, visa applications well in advance

Two of the most elementary documents for International travel, whether first or umpteenth, are the passport and respective visas of your destination countries.

But since it's your first time, applying for a passport and the required visas must be done well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Also, keep sufficient copies of these essential documents handy to be used anytime and anywhere.

Figure the length and budget of your trip

If you do not want to go out of line with your budget and time, it becomes important to determine in advance how long your trip is going to be. Also, think of the dollars you will need, in accordance to that.

Cards and forex

Keep your cards ready; Arrange enough forex for the trip

Keep your cards ready; Arrange enough forex for the trip

Cards: Keep a number of debit, credit cards ready for the trip for accessing cash and making easy digital payments when abroad. Also notify your bank about you leaving the country, and choose cards that won't charge foreign transaction charges.

Forex: Order enough foreign currency to be able to smoothly plan and manage your finances on your trip.

And if you are on saving mode, follow these tips

If you don't want to miss out on the fun quotient, but would still like to save some bucks, follow these tips: 1) Find cheap flights, 2) Choose a low-budget destination, 3) Keep track of all your expenses, 4) Eat cheap, 5) Take public transport.

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