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28 Jul 2019

Five common myths about protein, busted!

Whether bodybuilding is your thing or not, protein is a must for everyone.

From diet charts to supplements, protein is all over the place.

But despite its massive popularity, there is a lot of mystery surrounding this nutrient.

There exists many senseless myths about protein. So, to set the record straight, here we bust five of the most popular ones.


Myth: You can get protein only from animal sources

Myth: You can get protein only from animal sources

Red meat, fish, eggs are what come to mind when you think of protein? Think again!

Although we agree that many great sources of protein are animal-derived, it doesn't mean that vegans/vegetarians should suffer.

With the right food choices, vegans/vegetarians can easily meet their daily required quota of protein.

Top vegetarian sources of protein include dairy, oats, lentils, pulses, nuts, and soy foods.


Myth: Protein will make you fat

Being a macro-nutrient, protein packs calories, which means too much of it will eventually lead to weight gain.

But that is the case with all food items, and protein-rich food is not an exception.

Consuming just the enough amount of protein as part of a balanced diet should not be a problem for your health.

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Myth: Protein leads to gas

Myth: Protein leads to gas

Since most protein powders are products of dairy (whey, casein, milk isolate), it is common among consumers to suffer from gas issues.

And if a protein shake is all you take in hours, it would be even more problematic.

However, if you balance your protein intake with an apt amount of carbohydrates, fats, and vegetables, you will be fine.


A couple of more myths about protein

The more protein, the better: Well, too much of everything is bad. Hence, filling up on protein doesn't necessarily imply that you will benefit more from it. Aim for balance instead.

You only need protein if you work out: No, it's not just for the big gym guys. Protein is an essential macro-nutrient, which everyone needs to consume as part of their daily diet.

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