Why your airline might deny you boarding


02 Aug 2019

Six reasons why your airline may deny you boarding

Planning a trip and heading to a new place is always exciting.

From what to pack, to places to see and things to do- there's a lot to think of.

But sometimes, your trip might get obstructed by some unsolicited restrictions you may be unaware of.

So, before deciding on your next destination, note these six reasons why your airline might deny you boarding.


Intoxication and going barefoot

Intoxication and going barefoot

Intoxication: If a flight attendant feels that you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, they might ask you to de-board, so as to avoid any mid-air ruckus.

Boarding barefoot: This might sound a bit bizarre, but boarding a flight barefoot is also not a great idea. Hence, avoid it, and put on a nice pair of footwear before heading to the airport.


Inappropriate dressing and pregnancy

Inappropriate dressing: Although this is a subjective issue, but if the flight crew perceives your clothing to be 'inappropriate', they may ask you to get down.

Pregnancy: Passengers who are in their ninth month of pregnancy are usually not allowed to board a flight. However, if you have a recent medical certificate stating that you are fit to travel, you will be fine.

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Overbooking and bringing pets

Overbooking and bringing pets

Overbooking: It might be annoying, but if your airline ends up overbooking the flight (not your fault though), you might be asked to de-board.

Pets: We get it if you want to take your mate along for the journey, but some airlines just don't allow pets on board. So, make sure to check the airline guidelines before bringing your pet to the airport.

Other reasons you might be denied boarding

Further, an airline may stop you from boarding the flight in these cases: 1) If you refuse to follow their guidelines, like using voice calls and smoking, 2) If the crew feels you are too sick to travel, 3) If you verbally/physically assault anyone around.

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