Monsoon: How to keep your leather accessories safe


12 Aug 2019

Five tips to keep your leather items safe in monsoon

The monsoon is here.

And though the rainy season is sure to offer some much-needed respite from the summer heat, it might make it challenging for you to be on top of your style game.

Further, the monsoon isn't great weather for your leather goods and might even end up ruining them.

Here are some tips to protect your leather items during monsoon.


Always dry out wet leather items; Use brush regularly

Always dry out wet leather items; Use brush regularly

Drying: Never leave your leather products like bags and shoes wet for too long, or they might catch fungus and get spoilt. Instead, dry them under the fan, overnight, so they're ready for the next outing.

Brushing: Dust and dirt have a tendency to settle on your leather items even more during rains. So, make sure to gently brush your shoes and accessories regularly.


Polish your leather shoes; Store leather items in dry place

Polish: Polishing is a great way to maintain your leather goods. Use a wax-based polish for your shoes during rains. For your bags, a mild leather conditioner will do.

Storage: When you are not using them, keep your leather goods covered in a clean and dry cloth, and store them in a dry place, to avoid the risk of moisture or fungus during the monsoon.

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#5: Reduce your leather items' exposure to heat

Extreme temperatures and direct exposure to heat can ruin your leather goods. So, don't put your shoes and bags to dry out in the sunlight. Also, avoid using a dryer/heater.

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