Reasons why you should use an internal condom


16 Aug 2019

#HealthBytes: These are the five benefits of using female condoms

We agree that female condom is not as popular as its male counterpart, but it sure is gaining attention now, and because of good reasons.

Female condoms are effective, come with zero physical side-effects and are a one-size-fits-all device.

And above all, they transfer birth-control and STI-reduction authority to the lady.

So, note these top five benefits of using the female/internal condom.


Effectiveness: Female condoms work in 95-98% cases

Effectiveness: Female condoms work in 95-98% cases

With as much as 95 to 98% rate of effectiveness, female condoms make for a better choice than the regular, external ones.

They are a great way of getting over the threat of unwanted pregnancy, in case you are not ready for one.

In addition, they are highly effective in lowering the risk of dreadful Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including the fatal HIV.


Comfort: Latex-free female condoms will ensure the best comfort

Unlike the traditional, latex-based male condoms, the female versions are made from a soft plastic material called nitrile, which is stronger-yet-thinner than latex.

This could be a life-saver for people with latex allergies and sensitivity.

The female condom is totally hypoallergenic, thus won't irritate the delicate genital skin.

Additionally, they provide more breathing room to the penis, thus some men find them more comfortable.

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Protection: Female condoms come with an extra layer of protection

Protection: Female condoms come with an extra layer of protection

A male condom covers only the body of the penis and your internal vaginal region, but the female condom, being larger, provides greater protection.

Due to the outer-ring, a lady condom protects not just the inside of your vagina but also the outer parts of labia, the perineal region, and the base of the penis.

This raises their effectiveness bar for preventing STDs.


Lubrication: Female condoms work fine with most lubes

When using external condoms, one has to be extra careful about the lubricants they use for intercourse. This is because some oil-based lubes may actually wear down the latex on these condoms, rendering them ineffective.

On the other hand, while using the (latex-free) female condoms, you can use all your favorite oil and water-based lubes.

Neither the fun, nor the effectiveness is spoiled.


Pleasure: Some couples say female condoms enhance pleasure

Some couples believe that using a female condom actually makes the whole experience more pleasurable.

The male partner helping the lady wear one could enhance foreplay feels.

Apart from that, the inner ring of a female condom might stimulate the tip of the male partner's penis.

Similarly, the rubbing of outer ring against your vulva or clitoris could also increase stimulation during intercourse.

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