List of best healthy juices for weight loss


18 Aug 2019

Weight loss: Six healthy juices you should include in diet

Weight loss is a long-term process that requires planning, commitment, and making the right choices.

Talking of choices, certain food items are known to naturally trigger fat burn, while others might pile up unwanted calories.

Sipping juices regularly can be a great way to stay healthy, and shed extra calories.

Here are six healthy juices you should include in your diet, for weight loss.


Cucumber juice and Karela juice

Cucumber juice and Karela juice

Cucumber juice: Refreshing and hydrating, cucumber juice is mostly water. Thus, it is great for keeping you full and hydrated. Also, rich in fiber, it helps with weight-loss.

Karela juice: Karela juice is one of the healthiest juices out there. High in nutrients, and low on calories, it helps monitor metabolism, and promotes weight loss. Plus, it keeps you cool and hydrated.


Lauki juice and Watermelon juice

Lauki juice: With as much as 92% water-content, Lauki juice makes for an amazingly refreshing and nutrient-rich beverage. Rich in essential vitamins and electrolytes, it can help boost digestion and stimulate weight loss.

Watermelon juice: Loaded with water content and essential vitamins, and low on calorie-count, Watermelon is pretty hydrating. Also, containing amino acid arginine, it can help burn fat and reduce weight.

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Orange juice and Amla juice

Orange juice and Amla juice

Orange juice: Tasty and rejuvenating, Orange juice is loaded with essential vitamins like A and C, potassium, and magnesium. It is known to promote hydration and weight loss.

Amla juice: Amla juice is the perfect way to begin your day. A glassful of Amla juice regularly keeps your digestive system on track, boost your metabolism, and help in weight loss.


Other handy diet tips to help you reduce weight

In addition to sipping these juices regularly, follow these simple diet tips to cut fat:

1) Include more of protein and fiber in your diet.

2) Eat your meals slowly and at regular intervals.

3) Lower your consumption of sugars and booze.

4) Always stay hydrated.

5) Avoid unhealthy/unnecessary snacks.

6) Get proper rest daily.

7) Exercise on a regular basis.

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