Is it possible to get pregnant from anal-sex?


22 Aug 2019

#HealthBytes: Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

Poor sex education and a general lack of sexual awareness has given birth to many misconceptions concerning our sexual well-being.

One such myth is that you can get pregnant from indulging in anal sex.

The long and short of it is - no!

But if the semen enters the vagina at any point during sexual activity, pregnancy can occur.


Anal sex and pregnancy: What are the odds?

Anal sex and pregnancy: What are the odds?

Simply put, pregnancy occurs when a live sperm, contained within the semen, comes in contact with a mature egg in the uterus or fallopian tube.

And since, during anal sex, the semen doesn't connect with the vulva/vagina (hence, the egg), pregnancy is ruled out.

However, if the semen leaks out of the anus or spills into the vagina, there are chances of pregnancy.


But, there is a high risk of Sexually transmitted infections

Although the risk of pregnancy from anal sex is minimal, there is a high risk of transmission/contraction of STI from anal sex.

This is so because the rectum doesn't produce its own lubricant, and the skin is quite tender, so it can tear easily, thus making it easier for the infection to pass/contract.

To reduce risk, always use a condom, along with water-based lubricants.

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Also, ensure sexual hygiene before and during sex

Also, ensure sexual hygiene before and during sex

It is important to take care of hygiene before and during any form of sex.

It is advisable to always have sex in clean, tidy surroundings, and make sure the toys (if any), are clean.

Plus, women are advised to take a trip to the washroom after sex, to avoid risk of UTI.

Additionally, a couple must use fresh underclothing, and keep wipes handy.

Above all, just have fun!

In the end, remember that sex is no competition with anyone. As long as you and your partner are happy with what you are doing in bed, that's all what matters. So, be playful and try new things- above all, just have fun!

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