Some healthy morning habits for weight loss


11 Sep 2019

Five healthy morning habits to help you lose weight

Obesity is downright dreadful, as it could lead to life-threatening health issues like Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and even certain cancers.

Weight loss could be tough, but it is possible.

It is a long-term process, that requires you to make the right choices over time.

From exercising to healthy snacking, here are five morning habits that can help you lose weight.


Drink water: It will help flush out toxins, promote weight-loss

Drink water: It will help flush out toxins, promote weight-loss

Probably the first thing you should do in the morning is to grab a glass of water, and gulp it down.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up will help improve circulation of nutrients in the body, flush out toxins, enhance digestion, thus aiding in weight loss.

Do make sure to drink 8-12 glasses of water throughout the day to stay properly hydrated.


Exercise: It will help improve your fitness, and shed fat

We know you are busy, and sneaking in time for exercise early in the morning might be too much to ask for, but a light, 15-minute-long morning exercise ritual on a daily basis will go a long way in helping you lose weight.

Further, it will improve your energy levels, and enhance productivity.

Performing simple cardio exercises like jogging, running, biking, etc. can help.

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Eat breakfast: Have a nutritious and filling first meal

Eat breakfast: Have a nutritious and filling first meal

Diet is one of the most important factors for healthy weight-loss.

Aim to have a nutritious and filling breakfast, within thirty minutes of waking up.

It'll give you energy until lunch time, and would keep unnecessary hunger pangs away, thus promoting weight-loss.

Make sure to never skip your breakfast.

Some healthy desi breakfast options are idli, vegetable dosa, vegetable upma, and poha, among others.


Healthy snacking: Make time for a healthy brunch

There is a long gap between breakfast and lunch time, and you are bound to feel hungry during this time.

It is easy to reach out for those potato chips, but that will mess up your weight loss plans.

Make sure to eat a healthy brunch. One way is to pack up food from home.

Some healthy picks are nuts, fruits, oats, etc.


Perform Yoga: It will help in weight loss, increase longevity

There are many benefits of the ancient Ayurvedic practice called Yoga.

Performing just a couple of Yoga poses early in the morning everyday can help you lose weight.

Further, it helps improve your blood flow, enhance digestion, boost your immunity, increase endurance, and thus productivity and longevity.

Some of the best Yoga poses for weight loss are Shoulder stand, Crow pose, Warrior pose etc.

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