Tips for booking the perfect wedding venue


13 Sep 2019

Planning your wedding? Consider these things before booking the venue

All weddings are special.

And why not? For sake of those jittery feels, huge smiles, and amazing pictures, weddings are worth all the hype.

However, the choices could be tough.

One question you will find asking yourself is- What should be the venue?

So to help you out, here are things to consider before booking venue for the most important day of your life.


Decide the location and check availability

First things first, decide whether you want the ceremony to take place in a hotel, or a church, or some other location.

Also, make sure the destination is centrally located, so your guests and vendors don't take forever to arrive.

Further, keep a number of wedding dates in mind, after consulting with your friends and family.

Then, inquire about the availability of chosen dates.


Consider and compare the facilities and packages

In general, and particularly banquet halls in Delhi offer different set of facilities- you need to shortlist a good number of options after a thorough hunt.

Does the venue provide enough seating arrangement? Is there plenty of parking space? Does it suit the theme you are planning to use? Ask these questions, and only then choose.

Also, compare the packages, before finalizing one.

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Consider food and beverage (if it is available)

Consider food and beverage (if it is available)

Does the venue you have chosen provide in-house catering services?

If it does - ask for the menu, taste the food and drinks, and decide what should appear on your guests' dinner table on the day you tie the knot.

However, if in-house catering facility is not available, you have more work to do - find yourself a decent caterer.


Look at your budget before making the final move

A highly underrated aspect of booking your wedding venue is the costing part of it.

We understand that you need money to make it a special affair, but going bankrupt is also not a great idea.

So, we suggest you to sit down and take a good look at how much you can spend, and then go ahead with the final move.

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