Weak ejaculation: Symptoms, causes and treatment


18 Sep 2019

#HealthBytes: Experiencing weak ejaculation? Here are its causes and treatment

Weak ejaculation is a sexual condition, in which a person ejaculates lesser amount of semen (than normal) or experiences a reduction in the force of ejaculation.

Although many men suffer from the problem from time to time, consistent changes to a person's ejaculatory patterns could be troublesome.

Here's what leads to weak ejaculations, and when you should see your doctor for treatment.

These symptoms can help identify the problem

We call it a weak ejaculation when someone has both sexual drive and the desire to ejaculate, but experiences one or both of these signs - 1) less amount of semen, 2) reduced force of ejaculation. As a result, even orgasm can be less intense.

Causes (1)

Physical factors that can lead to weak ejaculation

Physical factors that can lead to weak ejaculation

Physical factors that might lead to weak ejaculation include:

1) Aging: A man's ejaculation may reduce in force and/or volume, as he ages. This happens because of reduction in male sex hormones overtime.

2) Alcohol: Drinking alcohol may reduce blood flow to the penis and depress the central nervous system, which could further affect sexual drive and the quality of ejaculation.

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Causes (2)

Causes: Psychological and other factors that might be responsible

To note, certain psychological conditions such as depression, past psychological trauma, and changes in attraction levels to a partner, can also lead to cases of weak ejaculation.

Furthermore, nerve damage could also be responsible for changes in your ejaculatory patterns.

Certain medications such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, muscle relaxants, beta-blockers, among others, are also known to affect the timing and quality of ejaculations.


When should you see your doctor?

Although weak ejaculation is rarely a medical emergency, one should see their doctor if the condition persists for a long period of time.

If someone experiences weak ejaculations for a period equaling six months or more, they should talk to their doctor as soon as possible.

Potential treatment methods that your health care professional might recommend include pelvic muscle exercises, certain medications, and psychotherapy.

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