How to create private section for your dog


10 Oct 2019

Here's how to create a private space for your dog

If you are thinking to get your dog its own private space at home - kudos for the idea.

Your pooch deserves its own little abode where it can eat, sleep or play as and when it pleases.

But you need to do it right, otherwise it's a wasted effort.

Here's how you can create a private space for your dog.

Step 1

Select the space

Select the space

First things first, choose an apt location for your doggy's home.

Select a space that it would like, and where it can rest and play peacefully.

Next, decide on how much space you want to allow your fido. Accordingly, get a bed or a crate or tent.

Also, make sure the space is free from hazards such as cables, so your dog stays safe.

Step 2

Set up the space

The next step is to set up the space for your dog.

Start by getting a nice and comfortable bed for your pooch.

Also, make sure that fresh, clean water is always available near your doggy's house.

Furthermore, fill up the space with plenty of toys, so that your fido is never bored.

For an added layer of privacy, cover the space.

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Step 3

Introduce your dog to the space

Since your doggy isn't habitual to a separate space, you will have to introduce it to its new home.

Show it the place and let it get comfortable there. However, be patient - this process may take some time.

Gently guide your dog to the space when needed. Or try encouraging them with a treat or two.

Also, make sure you always stay nearby.

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