Handy hotel hacks you should try


10 Oct 2019

Some handy hotel hacks you should try

Traveling is surely fun, but it could be cheap as well, if you know some tricks of the trade.

Someone, who frequently stays at hotels, would agree that it's not their second home. But it's still not as bad, if you can put some tricks to use.

Here are some handy hotel hacks you should try.

Trick 1

Breakfast hacks: Put that kettle and iron to good use

Breakfast hacks: Put that kettle and iron to good use

It's nothing short of a crime to let that precious kettle or iron in your hotel room lie idle.

Here's the deal: Hotel food is expensive.

So, pack a couple of eggs and boil them in the kettle for a quick and cheap breakfast.

You can also try making an easy toast using that handy in-room iron.

Trick 2

Ask for a corner room

Although this might not stand true in all the cases, asking for a corner room could prove to be a good idea.

We say so because corner rooms happen to be the best on their floor.

They come with larger and better views and often a bigger bathroom.

Plus, it's not even considered an upgrade, so you won't have to shell out extra dollars.

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Trick 3

You are free to borrow (a lot of stuff)

You are free to borrow (a lot of stuff)

Strangely, not many people do this, but sweet surprise is that you are free to borrow stuff from the hotel. Or at least, you can ask for things, there's no extra charge for that.

The fact is that most hotels have a lot of extra stuff that's anyway lying useless.

And no, there should be no shame in asking for free stuff.

Trick 4

Complain (politely)

If you face any issues during your stay, don't just make do.

We suggest you to simply call the reception or greet the manager and tell them about the problems.

Doing so could get you some special attention or could get you upgraded (think about it).

However, don't be a cry-baby - complain only if there is a genuine problem.

Trick 5

Go offline: Contact your hotel directly

Sometimes, reaching out to hotels directly is a better idea than booking online.

This will help you score better deals that aren't even mentioned online.

Furthermore, when you deal personally, you can check a plethora of other facilities such as late check out times, which can obviously never be found online.

If it's not peak season, you may also score an upgrade.


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