The best suited animals for small farms


12 Oct 2019

The five most profitable animals for small farms

If you are thinking to start a hobby farm or just want to make a new addition to your existing farm, know that it's a great idea.

However, there are many factors such as your farm area and the climate conditions that you must take into account before making the final decision.

Here, we list the five most profitable animals for small farms.




What makes chickens one of the best picks for small farms is that they are quite low-maintenance and don't ask for a lot of attention.

In fact, chickens eat pretty much anything you offer them, from compost to weed and leftovers.

And they offer precious eggs and meat in return, both of which are quite popular.

Plus, they don't take up much space.



Goats will give you meat and dairy, without eating up much space.

They feed cheap - on shrubbery, wood and veggies.

However, goats happen to be quite susceptible to illness - so medical bills might be a bit on the higher side in their case.

You will also need proper fencing for them, as goats have a reputation for trying to escape farms.

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Rabbits are a great addition for any small farm.

We say so because, for one, they are small and take up little space.

Furthermore, they are a great source of meat and their feed is cheap - yes, they would happily munch on store-bought feed, extra farm veggies and weed.

However, rabbits usually require hutches - so that could be an extra expense.


Pigs and Cows

Pigs: It is often alleged that pigs are smelly and messy. Well, we're not arguing on the smell part but they are pretty profitable farm animals. Also, they are a great source of meat.

Cows: Of course, cows are an awesome source of dairy, but they happen to take a lot of space, and thus may not be the best choice for small farms.

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