How to decorate a small living room


12 Oct 2019

Have a small living room? Here's how to create space

If you happen to have a small living room, stuffing up the place with a lot of things obviously won't make much sense.

What you should instead try is to buy the furniture that eats less space.

Apart from that, here are some easy tips and tricks you can try to save some precious space in your living room.


Paint it white; Install hanging shelves

Paint it white; Install hanging shelves

White paint: Although technically, a different color won't really affect space- going for an all-white look will make the room more bright, creating the illusion of extra space.

Hanging shelves: Use up all that space on the walls. Instead of installing bulky tables and cabinets, make use of hanging shelves to keep your books. This doesn't only create space, but also looks pretty classy.


Get a hanging planter; Go for functional furniture

Hanging planter: You can always use as much air space as you can, can't you? Hence, instead of bringing decor that eats floor space, go for hanging lamps or planters.

Functional furniture: If you're anyway going to load furniture in your living room, you better do it smartly. Use tables and sofas that come with storage space, so you can hide some extra stuff.

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Try keeping it minimal; Use tall furniture

Go minimal: While decorating your living room, consider what your needs are. If a bit of reading is what you're looking at, a comfy chair and a functional table shall do.

Use tall furniture: Using up corners and the full length of your walls will go a long way in saving up space in your living room. Hence, go for tall bookshelves etc.


Buy furniture with exposed legs; Keep furniture away from walls

Furniture shopping: When you go out for furniture shopping, look for options with exposed legs. This will help make the room look more spacious. Plus, you can slip in some extra stuff under that table or sofa with ease.

Furniture placing: When you put your furniture away from the walls, this helps increase the walking area and makes the room look more spacious.

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