Surprise ticketless flyer on Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight: A bird!

28 Sep 2017 | By Ramya Patelkhana
Bird travels on Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight

While it's common to see birds fly, seeing a winged-friend fly on a plane is something very uncommon!

Passengers on an Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight had an unusual co-passenger, who was traveling without ticket.

A bird secretly hopped on the plane at Ahmedabad airport and remained under a seat for most of the journey.

After the flight landed in Mumbai, it simply flew out.

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In context: Bird travels on Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight

28 Sep 2017Surprise ticketless flyer on Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight: A bird!

DetailsTicketless traveler spotted when the plane was reaching Mumbai

No one noticed the bird flying into the plane at Ahmedabad; it stayed under a seat in the front cabin.

After some time, the bird was spotted; but the aircraft was reaching its destination.

So, the cabin-crew decided to proceed to Mumbai; as the aircraft gate opened after landing, the bird immediately flew out of the plane.

The incident took place on 21 August.

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It was never confirmed: Senior Official

Sources from the airline on which the incident took place said that a bird flew on their plane last month. However, a senior official of the same airline said the incident was never confirmed.