Mumbai girl's innovative solution for air pollution

11 Feb 2018 | By Rajashree Seal
Mumbai girl finds new solution for air pollution

Motorists are hardly seen switching off their engines at traffic signals while waiting for the light to turn green. This not only leads to fuel wastage but also causes air pollution.

To solve this issue, a Mumbai-based girl has come up with an idea of introducing a new signal that will alert people to switch off their engines at the junctions.

Here's what she suggests.

In context: Mumbai girl finds new solution for air pollution

11 Feb 2018Mumbai girl's innovative solution for air pollution

The blue signalEngines have to be compulsorily switched off at blue signal

The idea is to add a new "blue" signal along with the red, yellow and green.

All the engines have to be compulsorily switched off at the blue signal.

"The blue light will turn on five seconds after a signal goes red and turn off to red five seconds before the green signal, allowing for time to switch on the ignitions," suggested the girls.

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Only 20 percent motorists switch off engines at signals

The initiativeOnly 20 percent motorists switch off engines at signals

Nineteen-year-old Shivani Khot, a psychology student who came up with the initiative said, "There is a huge loss of fuel and air pollution as the engines continue to be on at signals. We think we can change things by having the new signal."

Referring to various studies, Shivani said only 20 percent of motorists switch off the engines at signals.

DetailsSwitching off engines can save fuel and reduce carbon emission

Shivani said, "By switching off vehicle engines, fuel worth Rs. 70 crore can be saved annually at eight busy intersections in the national capital region alone."

Citing a Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) data, she added, "At these eight junctions, around 28,750 tonnes of carbon is emitted, which can be considerably reduced, only if the engines are switched off."

The reasonPersonal experience inspired Shivani to come up with the idea

She said, "A placard campaign asking motorists to shut engines took the number of those switching off ignition up to 64 percent, from where it declined week after week."

Shivani said that her personal experience to do something about traffic woes led her to come up with this idea in 2016. Notably, she is the daughter of Assistant Commissioner of police in Mumbai.

Why not make vehicles with an inbuilt system to turn off the engine? And there should be exhaust pipes to filter gas. Cops must monitor this.

Asked on 15-02-2018 by Anonymous
Answered by NewsBytes
There is already a system called 'stop-start', that cuts the engine automatically whenever the car is stationary. This system is available in modern cars including in India. Tata Motors have even introduced this feature in Tata Ace. We believe, in due course of time, every car would have this feature. Moreover, India has also moved to stricter emission norms. You can read more here.
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Can you share the basis of her belief that people will act more responsibly? Any scientific explanation/ Psychology Theory/ Experiment details than just words.

Asked on 12-02-2018 by Ankit Verma
Answered by NewsBytes
The basis of Shivani Khot's suggestion is a placard campaign which asked motorists to switch off engines. Due to this campaign, the number of those switching off ignition went up by 64 per cent. Hence, if something constantly reminds people to turn off ignitions at traffic signals, it will lead to less carbon emission.
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