Mumbai Police's reliance on forensics increases


14 May 2018

In 5-years, number of cases at Mumbai's Kalina forensic-lab doubles

Last year, the Kalina Forensic Science Lab (FSL) received double the number of cases it did five years ago, indicating Mumbai Police's increasing reliance on forensics.

In 2013, it received 879 cases comprising 2,286 exhibits (physical/documentary evidence brought before the jury), while in 2017, it jumped to 1,818 cases and 3,498 exhibits.

Off-late, many cases were solved using forensics, like the Sheena Bora case.

Case 1

Just two blood drops helped cops solve Kirti Vyas case

Just two blood drops helped cops solve Kirti Vyas case

An FSL official said just two drops of blood helped them solve the Kirti Vyas case.

Vyas, a Mumbai salon-executive, was murdered in a Ford Ecosport on March 16 by two of her colleagues.

The car was being driven by Khushi Sahjwani while Siddhesh Tamhankar strangulated her.

The blood drops on the car's mat nailed them.

"It was a big success," said the official.

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Case 2

Another case solved through saliva sample found on tea-cups

A November-2017 case of a rape and murder of a 29-year-old woman was also solved by the Mumbai Police, when the saliva samples extracted from the steel cups the victim served tea in, was collected.

Two men, Anil Dhumal and Mahesh Shinde, were arrested last month, after the saliva sample matched Dhumal's DNA.

The duo used to visit the woman in her husband's absence.


Earlier, no awareness of what to send for forensic testing

Earlier, no awareness of what to send for forensic testing

Senior officials admit that securing evidence like DNA and call detail records help them present cases in court in a more credible manner.

The challenge, however, is to find trained officials who would know "how to preserve a crime scene and what articles (are) to be sent for forensic testing," he said.

But another official says things have improved, saying cops're more aware nowadays.

Despite importance, forensic science students missed placements in 2017

In 2017, students who completed their Masters in Forensic Science were left confused when no news of placement or their course validity was made clear by Higher and Technical Education Department. The course was started to increase the manpower in the Kalina, Santacruz forensic labs.

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