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08 Jul 2018

This Mumbai-girl showed her father what a daughter can do!

When it comes to financial constraints, many families in India still ask the girls to drop out of colleges or schools.

But this Mumbai girl was neither ready to give in nor set out to walk the conventional path.

She decided to juggle between work and college, and for that she was ready to invest all 24 hours!

Read on to know her story.

In context

This Mumbai girl's story is of grit, determination
Father suggested to drop out of college, get a job

The start

Father suggested to drop out of college, get a job

Narrating on the Facebook page of 'Humans of Bombay', the girl said her family started facing financial difficulties when she was in college.

Her father suggested her to get a job, as is the norm in families from her background.

"But one thing I was sure of was that I would get a degree, come what may," said the determined girl.


To raise money, she took part in competitions

To raise money for her family, she participated in competitions that offered prize money.

Her next step was to apply for part-time jobs, but she faced endless rejections.

Since she wasn't a graduate, companies were apprehensive to employ her.

"But I couldn't give up. If I had to continue my education, I needed to find a solution," she shared.

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'I promised my employer I'd give my 100%'

Got job

'I promised my employer I'd give my 100%'

In the meantime, she got an interview with Brand Factory, a chain of retail stores operated by Future Group.

After facing so many rejections, this time she was prepared to convince her interviewer.

"I just poured my heart out to the employer. I promised her that while I would continue studying, I would give my 100% at work," she recalled.

And she nailed it.


She juggled office, college, homework, household chores

But her struggle had just started. She had to juggle work, college, homework, chores at home and then work again.

"My days were sometimes 15hrs, but I had so much fire in me that I could have worked all 24," she shared.

Her health started showing signs of surrender, but she was unfazed.

Then came the day when she graduated and got promoted

Her efforts paid off. That day finally arrived when she received both: degree and promotion. "My father had said, 'Today you've shown that a daughter can quietly answer all your prayers'," she shared.

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