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02 Aug 2018

Mumbai: Vine snake rests around ceiling fan in Mumbai local

Passengers of a Mumbai suburban train were left shocked after they spotted a snake coiled around the ceiling fan of a first-class coach today morning.

The incident occurred around 9:30am in the Titwala-CSMT local train.

A senior Central Railway official believes the incident is out of mischief, as the train was making continuous trips and didn't go for stabling in any yard in between.

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Vine Snake makes a trip in Mumbai local

Watch how the vine snake catches attention in Mumbai local

Snake shooed away after passengers pulled alarm chain


Snake shooed away after passengers pulled alarm chain

Passengers pulled the alarm chain near Thane station and shooed away the snake which slithered out of the coach soon after, railway officials said.

Videos of the three-foot-long green snake coiled around the fan went viral on social media.

CR chief spokesperson, Sunil Udasi, said the train had already made two trips since 4:32 am and the snake appeared only in the third trip.

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Railway officials to take help of "sarpa-mitras"

"We are scanning videos of the incident to find out how the snake managed to appear in the coach all of a sudden," Udasi said. He added that the help of "sarpa-mitras" and snake catchers would be taken to get more details of the incident.

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