Maharashtra constable finishes 'Ironman', brings glory to India


27 Nov 2018

Meet India's first 'Ironman'-constable, who shed 32kgs in 6 months!

From fat to fab in six months is usually the tagline of health centers and gyms, challenging you to accomplish the difficult, if not impossible.

However this constable from the Mumbai police force, by shedding a whopping 32 kilograms in the set period, has shown us that it's highly achievable.

Moreover, he is also India's first constable to finish the uber-grueling Ironman race!

The start

Could have remained indifferent to his bulging body, but didn't

Could have remained indifferent to his bulging body, but didn't

Meet Shankar Uthale, a head constable posted at Virar police station, who weighed 92 kilograms just half-a-year ago, is now down to 60 kilograms.

He could have remained indifferent towards his bulging body, like many of his fellow pot-bellied colleagues, but when it started interfering with his work and personal life, he told himself 'enough is enough,' and started the process to train himself.


He started his regime by waking up at 5AM

"I knew I had to run; else I'd become a burden on myself and my work," Uthale said, while explaining what pushed him to start the self-discipline routine.

So he started his exercise regime by waking up at 5AM and going for a run.

With time he slimmed down and started meeting other fitness enthusiasts and participated in different marathon events held in Maharashtra.

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After he heard about 'Ironman', it became his sole target

After he heard about 'Ironman', it became his sole target

"During my marathons, I heard about Ironman, which involves swimming for 3.8 kms, cycling for 180.2 kms and running for 42.2 kms, all within 17 hours and without a break," Uthale shared.

Armed with his new-found confidence, the 39-year-old Vasai resident challenged himself to prepare for the world's toughest one-day event.

Now, instead of running, he "took up cycling in the rain."

Despite tough routine, Uthale was always fresh at work

"I would cycle from 5AM to 10AM," Uthale said, and though it must have been tiring, he never felt fatigued. In fact he would "still be fresh at work 30 minutes later," he gushes. His next aim was to ace swimming.

Next stops

After cycling and swimming, Uthale's focus went on his diet

"While I had learned swimming, it was time to get the technique right," the constable pointed out.

After dedicating himself to a wholesome training schedule, Uthale's next focus was on his diet and in this, his homemaker-wife Ashwini was a solid support.

A police man's job is always at odd hours, but Ashwini ensured that Uthale takes his food from home.


Uthale's wife ensured salad, veggies made way into his tiffin

Uthale's wife ensured salad, veggies made way into his tiffin

She also made sure Uthale's tiffin box was filled with salads, green veggies and boiled food items.

"I make it a point to carry food with me even when I am on the go," shared the constable, who has been serving the force for 14 years.

After pushing himself so hard for months together, it was now time for the real deal.


'I urge all policemen to exercise for an hour daily'

On November 17, Uthale participated in the Ironman race in Langkawi, Malaysia.

And guess what? He finished all the races within 16 hours, 15 minutes, and became the first constable from India to achieve this incredible feat!

Reveling in his glory, the 'Ironman' said, "I urge everyone, especially policemen, please spare an hour for exercise every day. Life feels (so) good."

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