How Mumbai fared on 16 November


16 Nov 2016

What did Mumbaikars do on 16th Nov?

A significant number of people do not report crimes as they do not have time, as has been revealed in a survey.

In a rather strange news, High-Court lamented the fact that police fails in providing security to citizens as it is afraid of its own security.

To know reasons for police's fear and how a BPO staffer siphoned off Rs.70 lakh, tap in.


Software professional siphoned off Rs.70 lakh

Software professional siphoned off Rs.70 lakh

A BPO staffer, Yusuf Ansari siphoned off Rs.70 lakh from US nationals, after selling their gift card details.

Ansari worked in a company whose business was selling gift cards and getting commission for the same.

Ansari collected the card details and the information of card owners and sold it to hackers in the US.

Police has now arrested Ansari after investigating his bank details.


Court sets deadline to conclude Mumbai blasts trial

The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) court wants to conclude hearings in the 1993 serial blasts case by end of 2016.

Seven accused, including Abu Salem are facing trial in the serial blasts case.

While the public prosecutor has concluded his arguments, defence lawyers of two accused have time till December to make the final arguments.

The Supreme Court has expedited the trial.

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Mumbai serial blasts

12 bomb explosions shattered Bombay on 12 March, 1993. Hundreds of people were arrested and tried in special TADA court. The Supreme Court of India sentenced the main conspirator, Yakub Menon to death on 21 March, 2013.

North Mumbai

People don't have time to report crimes: Survey

People don't have time to report crimes: Survey

A survey revealed that 27% of citizens do not report crimes due to lack of time.

50% of such respondents were from areas like Bandra and Vile Parle in north Mumbai.

The second most popular reason for not reporting crimes was not having faith in the legal system.

South Mumbai residents refrain from reporting as they 'don't want to get involved in any trouble'.


IRF by Zakir Naik banned for five years

The Centre banned the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), promoted by the controversial preacher Zakir Naik, for five years.

The IRF was declared as an outlawed organization under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

IRF's offices and interests in India will now be closed after an official notification is issued.

Naik's speeches have been found as "objectionable" after he came under scanner post the Dhaka terrorist-attack.

Demonetization chaos

BJP comes out to ease public's inconvenience

BJP comes out to ease public's inconvenience

BJP members swung into action to improve the public's mood towards the demonetization drive.

Leaders have taken to social media to counter negativity around the decision and are clarifying doubts.

BJP has asked karyakartas in Maharashtra to help people in queues by supplying water and biscuits to them.

Party workers have been asked to explain the larger benefits of the move to public.

Police fearful too

Police need protection from attacks

The High Court expressed concern at shortage of police manpower and delayed probes which hampered the legal system.

The court said the police cannot investigate cases where police themselves need protection from attacks.

The court referred to an attack on a traffic constable which led to his death; it further added that lack of trained investigation officers was responsible for high acquittal of criminals.

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