Demonetization, Municipal elections; a lot happening in Mumbai

22 Nov 2016 | By Tanu Sharma

Teachers have written to state election commissioner to exempt them from poll-duties during BMC elections.

Teachers will be busy with board exam preparations and will have no time for poll duties.

On another note, ex-cricketer suffered from demonetization too when he failed to withdraw cash for son's wedding.

And why the man behind the demonetization move is unhappy now, tap in to read more.

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22 Nov 2016Demonetization, Municipal elections; a lot happening in Mumbai

DemonetizationMan behind demonetization unhappy with its implementation

Anil Bokil, the man who gave PM Modi the idea of demonetization is not pleased with its sudden execution.

Bokil along with his organization, Arthkranti Pratishthan feel that the move has not been well-thought-out and their advice has only been "selectively" adopted by government.

Bokil had suggested abolition of all taxes, withdrawal of all currency above Rs.50 and to restrict cash transactions to Rs.2,000.

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Kala Ghoda art gallery fizzles out in a month

ArtKala Ghoda art gallery fizzles out in a month

Kala Ghoda art walk, a BMC initiative, at Dubash Marg has not generated the expected response from art lovers.

The open-art gallery which was inaugurated on October 23 has received a lukewarm response from artists and visitors.

Artists have not been showcasing their work due to fear of no takers amid demonetization crisis.

BMC officials plan to promote it by collaborating with art colleges.

RobberyDriver robbed businessman of Rs.32 lakh old notes

Police arrested Shahrukh Ahmed, who worked as a driver for a south Mumbai businessman, for robbing Rs.32 lakh of demonetized currency.

The businessman was going to Valsad with the cash when Ahmed along with a man snatched the cash on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway and fled.

Police arrested the duo from Mira Road and the businessman is also being questioned about the cash.

Demonetization BluesEx-cricketer fails to withdraw cash for son's wedding

Former cricketer and chief selector of the Indian cricket team, Sandeep Patil, failed to withdraw Rs.2.5 lakh for his son's wedding.

Patil had tried to withdraw the amount last week after the government relaxed the withdrawal limit for families which have weddings in the family.

Patil had earlier welcomed the government's decision to demonetize currency in a bid to curb black money.

Cyber CrimeCyber criminals get away by using foreign servers

The police finds it difficult to solve cyber crimes and nab criminals as they use servers located abroad.

Every country has different regulations and criminals take advantage of this while committing cyber crimes.

The most recent example of the Hrithik-Kangana case underscores this difficulty as the investigation hit a dead-end because the alleged impostor was communicating with Kangana via a US-based server.

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22 Nov 2016Deportation of Pakistani Sufi saint stayed by HC

Temporary stay on deportation notice was granted by Bombay high court to a Pakistani Sufi saint.

The Pakistani national claimed to have lived in India for six years and wanted to complete a seven year stay in the country to claim Indian citizenship.

Union government's counsel stated that he had a criminal writ petition pending against him and his deportation was imminent.

RailwaysMumbai's WR to improve punctuality of suburban trains

Mumbai division of Western Railway has planned to upgrade systems to improve speed and punctuality of suburban trains.

It's been proposed that a fifth line between Andheri and Borivali stations will be used for suburban trains to de-congest existing lines.

Auxiliary Warning System will be installed to keep officials posted about the arrival of long-distance trains on the line to schedule suburban trains accordingly.

BMCTeachers busy with exams want exemption from poll duties

Teachers have demanded an exemption from poll duty during BMC elections 2017.

Teaching and non-teaching staff will be assigned duties when 200 corporations go to poll in the next few months.

Teachers said that they will be busy with conducting practical exams and internal assessment ahead of HSC and SSC exams in February-March and will be left with no time to do poll work.