Modi leaves for India after 2-day Paris summit

1 Dec 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrapped up his 2 day Paris visit after attending the COP21 climate change conference.

Modi met a number of state heads during his visit including US President Barack Obama and attended a bilateral meeting with Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe.

Modi also met his Pakistani counterpart and sat down for 'casual talks' with him on the sidelines of the summit.

In context: Modi and the historic Paris climate summit

29 Nov 2015Modi leaves for 2 day Paris climate summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for Paris to take part in the world summit on climate change.

He was planning to talk about the "responsibility of all to work against global warming"; he had mentioned about the same in his radio program.

Modi tweeted saying: "At the COP21 will inaugurate India Pavilion, showcasing India's harmony with nature, environment & commitment to mitigate climate change".

30 Nov 2015Modi speaks at 'Mission Innovation'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at the 'Mission Innovation' event while attending the COP 21 climate summit and said developing countries needed 'room to grow'.

PM Modi congratulated President Francois Hollande for holding this significant global event.

Under this program, the governments of 19 countries, including US and China "committed to double public investment in basic energy research over the next five years."

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'Mission Innovation' gets approval from 28 notable investors

28 of the world's philanthropists and investors such as "Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of the US, Jack Ma of China and India's Mukesh Ambani" joined the energy coalition to pool money for the 'Mission Innovation' initiative.
Modi launches international solar alliance with France

30 Nov 2015Modi launches international solar alliance with France

PM Modi launched an international solar alliance with the French president, François Hollande in collaboration with over 120 countries at the Paris COP21 climate summit for clean energy production.

India promised an assistance of $30 million for the "initiative that brings together developed and developing countries."

The alliance will be headquartered in India and will aim to raise $400 million through membership fees.

1 Dec 2015Developed nations should play bigger role

PM Narendra Modi spoke at the global climate summit highlighting the need for advanced nations which produce a larger carbon footprint to take greater responsibility in addressing the climate change problem.

He talked of "differentiated responsibilities" which need to become the bedrock of "collective enterprise."

He said an alliance between "developed and developing countries, government, industries, laboratories on a common platform" was a necessity.

1 Dec 2015Modi leaves for India after 2-day Paris summit