British Muslims barred on LA flight: Matter with Cameron's office

24 Dec 2015 | By Vaneet Randhawa

British Prime Minister David Cameron's office announced that it was examining the case where a family of 11 British Muslims were denied permission to board a flight for Los Angeles from London to visit Disneyland.

The family of 2 adults and 9 children, who had procured the necessary visa online were given no reason for this last-minute reversal.

In context: Is America imposing 'Trump ban' on Muslims?

20 Muslim families barred from entering the US

Ever since Trump said that Muslim families should be banned from entering the US on 8 December 2015, as many as 20 Muslim families have experienced problems when trying to travel to the US, giving fuel to the claims that the 'Trump ban is already in place'.

23 Dec 2015Social media enraged over the issue

The news of a Muslim family barred from flying to US created an uproar in Britain "over what many saw as an unspoken new American policy to bar British Muslims from visiting the United States".

Social media was thronged with messages of resentment and vexation by several groups in Britain

Their issue became a "catalyst for growing publicity and criticism of the United States."

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23 Dec 2015Muslim Council of Britain speaks on the subject

The Muslim Council of Britain said that more should be done to check the secretive American security policies that "leave our constituents in such limbo".

They too expressed fears that such decisions were being made "due to the faith or political activism of individuals and this is particularly concerning for Muslim communities wishing to travel to these countries."

24 Dec 2015Is it a repercussion of Trump's Stance

Lawmaker Stella Creasy, who represents the north London area said a vacuum had been created because of the refusal of context of denial 'to travel' in this particular case.

She further said that more and more UK Muslims were being singled out ever since U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had said that all Muslims should be barred from entering the United States.

24 Dec 2015British Muslims barred on LA flight: Matter with Cameron's office

24 Dec 2015US authorities deny Islamophobia allegations

The US Customs and Border Protection has denied the allegations that "religion, faith or the spiritual beliefs of an individual traveller" have anything to do with them being barred from flying to the States.

The social-media outrage led the Council on American-Islamic Relations to direct the Department of Homeland Security into investigating whether its office had "implemented informally" Mr. Trump's proposition.