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29 Sep 2017

Rahul likens Modi to Duterte: 'Both thrive on hatred'

Rahul Gandhi discusses challenges that India is facing

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has hit out at PM Narendra Modi by comparing him to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that they both "thrive on hatred and disrespect institutions."

In an interview with Nicolas Berggruen, Berggruen Institute's chairman and The WorldPost's publisher, Rahul said socially, Modi is "a status-quoist pretending to be a reformer."

What else did Rahul say? Read on to know!

In context

Rahul Gandhi discusses challenges that India is facing
Rahul says the BJP's main weapon is "hatred"


Rahul says the BJP's main weapon is "hatred"

Rahul said that that the BJP's and RSS' main weapon is "hatred."

They "spread fake news, promote ethnic rifts and foment polarization" to acquire power.

He accused BJP of 'isolating people' and claimed that "tribals, Dalits and Muslims" are told they are not "part of India's vision."

He criticized Modi's government for using youth's alleged anger over lack of jobs against minorities.

Power concentration

Rahul accuses Modi of "overconcentration of power" and "disrespecting institutions"

Rahul said that today in India, "all important decisions are taken at the PM's level."

Further, there is "institutional civil war," i.e. no institution has "monopoly over information" due to proliferation of media.

"Joblessness" with "institutional confrontation" has created space for leaders like Modi and Duterte who "disrespect institutions."

Duterte faces criticism for his tough policies addressing the Philippines drug war and Islamic fundamentalism.

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Rahul also attacks demonetization


Rahul also attacks demonetization

Rahul said "demonetization of 86% of the economy" was Modi's "unilateral decision" that bears the stamp of "overconcentration of power."

He called it a "body blow to the economy" that "wiped out more than 2 percent of GDP," affecting over 1 million jobs.

He accused the PM of ignoring economic and financial institutions, including RBI governor Raghuram Rajan's warnings and implementing this decision.

Modi's functioning

Rahul used 'similes' to explain Modi's functioning style

Rahul used international scenarios to explain Modi's functioning.

He said Modi's concentration of power was more than China's centralization.

He criticized Modi for defending India's caste structure, saying that Modi used the 'Muslim Brotherhood's model' to "come to power."

Though Egypt's Muslim brotherhood achieved power democratically, they allegedly disallowed the opposition from contesting and used social service funding to "buy" votes.

Is this Rahul 2.0?

Rahul may be undergoing a metamorphosis, his goof-ups notwithstanding, as he tries to appear more coherent and informed. Since July, Rahul has added one million new followers on Twitter, with an assertive stand against BJP. Will this momentum last? We'll have to wait and watch.

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