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30 Sep 2017

Vijaya Dashami Live: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's address

Bhagwat addresses party workers at RSS headquarters

While addressing party workers on Vijay Dashami at the RSS headquarters, Nagpur, supremo Mohan Bhagwat asserted that cow protection is not a matter of religion.

He claimed 'it is unfair to link gaurakshaks with violent incidents' and asserted that deaths of activists involved in cows' peaceful protection were not being investigated.

He said many Muslims are also involved in cow protection activities.

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Bhagwat addresses party workers at RSS headquarters


RSS chief spoke about required constitutional amendments relating to J&K

Bhagwat appreciated the government's strategy of dealing with "terrorist infiltration" by cutting off illegal financial sources.

Referring to Indian constitution's Articles 370 and 35A, granting special privileges for the state's residents, he said only when these are amended will 'J&K residents be completely assimilated with India."

He lamented that problems of 1947's migrants and of 1990's displaced residents are yet unresolved.


Bhagwat commented on the influx of Rohingya refugees

Bhagwat lauded government's decision of not allowing Rohingya refugees into the country and said that "they will definitely be a threat to national security and integrity."

He said "nation was already facing the problem of illegal Bangladeshi migrants" and now Rohingyas, being removed from Bangladesh "due to their separatist activities and linkages with terrorist groups," have "infiltrated" India with many "ready to migrate illegally."

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Regarding foreign policy, Bhagwat praises government's assertive stand

Foreign policy

Regarding foreign policy, Bhagwat praises government's assertive stand

Bhagwat praised the government's emphatic stand in dealing with India's neighbors, Pakistan and China and on international forums.

He commended Modi government in resolving the Doklam stand-off without "compromising pride."

After months-long standoff, China and India decided to withdraw troops from the LAC in Doklam situated at the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction area near the Sikkim border on August 28, by diplomatic talks.

WB and Kerala

Bhagwat criticizes WB and Kerala for promoting "anti-national" forces

As BJP aims to make in-roads in Left bastions of WB and Kerala, Bhagwat accuses state governments of promoting "anti-national elements" for "petty national interests."

He said "though people are resisting," state governments are not doing enough to control jihadist forces.

Bhagwat was referring to Mamata's alleged "minority appeasement politics" like not allowing Durga immersion on Muharram and violent CPM-RSS cadre clashes in Kerala.

Meanwhile, for cow protection, Bhagwat quotes the Constitution

Cow protection

Meanwhile, for cow protection, Bhagwat quotes the Constitution

Bhagwat emphasized that cow protection is included in our Constitution's Directive Principles of State Policy.

He further elaborated on the utility of cows by listing their significance for small land-holding farmers, cow milk's nutritional value and "medicinal value of cow dung and urine."

He called cow-smuggling on Bangladesh border a "serious issue" and said 'vested interests misinterpret cow protection statements to influence public opinion'.

Economic policies

Bhagwat urges government to rethink economic policy

As government faces heat for its economic policies from senior BJP leaders, Bhagwat also urged them to think beyond "economic 'isms'" and look at "ground reality."

He asked the government to protect "big, small and medium enterprises" such that these sectors don't feel the "tremors" of reforms.

He acknowledged government's efforts to contain corruption, but asked them to give "prime consideration" to employment policies.

Bhagwat offered his condolences to victims of Mumbai stampede

Twenty-two died and about 32 people were injured in a stampede at Mumbai's Elphinstone Road station. Bhagwat offered his condolences saying "We empathize with the families of our brethren who have lost their lives and those who have got injured in yesterday's incident at Mumbai."

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