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27 Oct 2017

Rahul 2.0: Inequality is MMD, that is, "Modi-made disaster"

With a spring in his step and humor-laced criticism, Congress VP Rahul is on a roll taking potshots at PM Modi's 56-inch chest and using Modi's habit of coining acronyms to his advantage.

Though a faux-pas here and there continues, but Rahul may have shed his "reluctant politician" image.

At the PHD Chamber of Commerce, Rahul attacked Modi's economic policies. Sample some barbs here!

In context

Rahul Gandhi at the PHD Chamber of Commerce
Rahul again targets GST and demonetization


Rahul again targets GST and demonetization

Calling Goods and Services Tax (GST) as Gabbar Singh Tax, Rahul said "it has unleashed a tsunami of tax terrorism."

He further said that "November 8 is the 'barsi' (death anniversary) of 'notebandi' the day Modi personally wiped out 86 per cent of the circulating currency overnight."

He said the demonetization decision was "taken without thought, consultation, or concern, for its consequences."


'Modi failed to grasp the economy's basic concept'

Rahul said the PM "had failed to grasp the basic concept of the Indian economy."

He said without understanding that "all cash is not black, and all black is not cash," Modi made citizens stand in queues for two months.

Taunting Modi's "56-inch chest," he said "to do this, you surely need someone with a very big chest, but a very small heart."

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'Modi's government thinks everyone is a thief'


'Modi's government thinks everyone is a thief'

Rahul said that "Modi's government is for some reason convinced that every single person is a thief and does not believe in its own people."

Further, "Business thrives on trust as it creates a reliable environment" but he said that Modi does not trust.

He joked, "Startup India is welcome for the economy, but it cannot be accompanied by 'Shut Up India' in society."


"There is great value to experience"

Rahul admitted that UPA II messed up but said that in the present scenario, economy can be revived by increasing jobs and supporting the country's small, micro and medium enterprises.

In a question about induction of youth in the party, Rahul said though party will give greater representation to younger leaders, it will take support of seniors as "there is great value to experience."

On a lighter note, Rahul is an Aikido black belt!

Meanwhile, when boxer Vijender Singh asked about his marriage plans, Rahul said "he believes in destiny, when it happens, it happens." Further, when asked about whether he engages in sports, Rahul said, "I do exercise, run and swim. I am a black belt in Aikido."

What does Rahul's interaction signify?


What does Rahul's interaction signify?

What then does Rahul's metamorphosis signify?

In earlier elections, Rahul was trying to woo the traditional Congress voter: poor, tribal and minorities.

However, with this intelligent and nuanced re-packaging of criticism, Rahul may be targeting a wider audience of the middle-class and youth.

With elections in Himachal and Gujarat coming up, will this pay rich dividends? Guess we'll have to wait out the elections!

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