Raghuram Rajan addresses job reservation demands


27 Nov 2017

'Short-term' political solutions to job reservation demands can damage: Rajan

Even as different communities protest for reservation in jobs, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has opposed "short-term" political solutions to the matter.

Such solutions have the potential to "bring apart the fabric of this country".

Instead, focus should be on broad-basing economic growth and correcting the underlying issues like unemployment.

Rajan's recorded interview was played at the Times Lit Fest 2017 in New Delhi.


'Populist nationalism has a potential to damage'

'Populist nationalism has a potential to damage'

In the north, the Jats have been agitating for quota in jobs and education. In the west, the Patidars are raising similar demands.

Perceptions of discrimination among the majority are seen across the world, Rajan said, but "it (populist nationalism) has a potential to damage".

"There are often underlying issues," he said, adding, "The only way to solve this is to broad-base economic growth."


'Illiberal democracy is worrying but free speech can't be unconditional'

Rajan said an "illiberal democracy" is worrying and that it's a function of the leader and the system "which cows out very easily to strong leader".

"The press, business groups, all tend towards bowing…because their interests are aligned."

Censorship isn't a feature specific to this government and has happened in the past too, he said, adding 'free speech' can't be allowed to propagate violence.

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