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07 Dec 2017

Gujarat polls: Hardik Patel sex-CDs Part III go viral

Apart from Hardik's capacity to draw massive crowd at rallies, his purported sex-CDs continue to provide him sensational coverage.

Now, just two days before the first phase of polling in Gujarat, new videos of Hardik and two others with a girl have gone viral on social media.

This led to another face-off between the Hardik-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) and BJP.

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Gujarat polls: New Hardik Patel sex-CDs


Hardik had predicted a new set of morphed sex clips

Earlier, two other sets of CDs had gone viral. PAAS had blamed the BJP for commissioning these morphed sex clips.

At that time, Hardik jested that the BJP were "crazy to release the videos in haste." He said videos should instead be made public 5-7 days before polling.

Meanwhile, he also predicted that 52 more clips would be released.

New clips

What are the new clips all about?

New clips have been strategically released when Hardik's growing popularity is evident in Saurashtra and Surat rallies. Besides, PAAS has aligned with Congress after they agreed with the reservation formula proposed by the latter.

Now, one clip, where the other men leave the room after switching off the lights, and other clips, where nothing is visible as lights are off, have been released.

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What do PAAS and BJP have to say?


What do PAAS and BJP have to say?

PAAS co-convener, Dinesh Bambhania again blamed the BJP for defaming Hardik with fake clips. He requested the media not to entertain them.

BJP spokesperson Varun Patel, retorted "BJP is Hardik's favorite punching bag. If Hardik is confident that the videos are morphed, he should file a police complaint and get the matter investigated. As he is not doing that, it proves that he's guilty."

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