Rajasthan: A glimpse


The state of Rajasthan, located in North-Western India, covers 10% of India's landmass, has 5% of India's population but has just 1% of country's water resources.

Why is MJSA required?

Why is MJSA required?
  • Rajasthan is the driest state in India with 60% of its area occupied by the Thar desert.
  • The state is water scarce with a per capita availability of water of 600 m3/year, much below the water scarcity threshold of 1000 m3/year.
  • With increasing population, availability of water reduces, causing acute shortages and water crises.
  • The Mukhyamantri Jal Swavalamban Abhiyan aims to improve these conditions.

What is MJSA?

What is MJSA?
  • The Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan (MJSA) aims to make Rajasthan self-sustainable in water by conserving and harvesting rain water.
  • It envisions to increase Rajasthan's area under irrigation and make villages self-sufficient in drinking water by adopting water budgeting through community participation.
  • The program works in a bottom-up manner such that most of the planning and execution happens at the grassroot level.

What makes MJSA special?

What makes MJSA special?
  • MJSA has an online crowd-funding portal where contributions are accepted and people can even adopt a village or lake to contribute.
  • The Chief Minister herself has donated 6 months of her salary for the purpose.
  • A campaign 'Chalo Rajasthan' will be launched to encourage non-resident Rajasthanis to contribute.
  • The campaign has already garnered ₹7 crore through crowd-funding on the first day of its launch.

Focus on all 4 water sources


MJSA intends to overcome the shortcomings of previous water conservation schemes by converging them on a single platform for better coordination and conserving all 4 water sources - rain, surface, underground and soil moisture.

India's largest water conservation program to be crowd sourced

28 Jan 2016
India's largest water conservation program to be crowd sourced
  • The Rajasthan state government has embarked on the country's largest water conservation program.
  • The Mukhyamantri Jal Swavalamban Abhiyan will cover more than 21000 villages to make them self reliant in water.
  • 3500 villages will be covered in the first phase (Jan-Jun'16) and will require ₹3600 crore out of which ₹2400 crore will come from the state government and the remaining would be crowd sourced.

Model adopted from Maharashtra


"The MJSA was envisioned after looking at a similar pattern adopted by Maharashtra, where 8 water scarce districts became water sufficient after adopting this model,” Vasundhra Raje, Rajasthan CM.