Defying diktat again, Mohan Bhagwat hoists flag at Kerala school

26 Jan 2018 | By Gogona Saikia

Going against the Kerala government's order, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat unfurled the tricolor today at a school in Palakkad.

The CPI(M) government had allowed only heads of government institutions and educational establishments to hoist the flag.

Last Independence Day, then Palakkad district collector had issued a memo to the Karnakiamman HS School for having Bhagwat, a politician, hoist the flag at a school.

In context: Mohan Bhagwat unfurls flag at Kerala school

26 Jan 2018Defying diktat again, Mohan Bhagwat hoists flag at Kerala school

Pictures from the event

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ReaxGovt circular doesn't apply to this school, RSS says

However, TOI notes the government notification violates the Flag Code of India, which allows people other than educational heads to hoist the tricolor too.

Moreover, unlike last year's fiasco at the government-run school, this time he unfurled it at the RSS-run Vyasa Vidya Peethom, a private school

"The school management will decide who'll hoist the flag," RSS' state coordinator KK Balram said.

Bhagwat to now attend three-day RSS camp at the school

Balram said Bhagwat will now attend a three-day RSS camp at the school, where the organization would discuss the work and expansion of the party in the coming years with more than 5,000 office bearers.