'First timer' Modi introduces 3 novel ideas

3 Mar 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

In order for the better functioning of the Parliament, Modi introduced 3 ideas.

To mark International Women's Day on 8 March, he proposed that only women lawmakers speak.

In the upcoming week, for 1-2 sessions "only first-time members should be allowed to speak" to get fresh ideas.

Members assembling on Saturday during a session to talk about India's role in combating climate change.

In context: Modi on Opposition, Parliament and fresh ideas

2 Mar 2016Gandhi attacks the Modi government in Parliament

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi attacked Modi during a debate in the Lok Sabha.

He attacked the government over issues like ranging from the "domestic economy, foreign relations, and MGNREGA to Rohith Vemula and JNU."

He said Modi had destroyed 6 years of work by visiting Pakistan.

Further, he accused the 'Fair and Lovely scheme' where anyone could convert black money into white.

3 Mar 2016Modi's rebuttal to Opposition

Modi criticised Congress' ridicule of the 'Make in India' programme, saying that the programme was for the country and that "if there are shortcomings in the programme they should be discussed."

Moving on to MGNREGA, which had featured in Rahul Gandhi's 2 March address, he said if Congress had helped the poor, the poor wouldn't still be encountering difficulties today.

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Rahul's onslaught on Modi

Rahul Gandhi had said: "Narendra Modi is a powerful man... I know you (ministers) are afraid of him. But even then you should speak up a bit".

3 Mar 2016Parliament being disrupted due to inferiority complex: PM Modi

PM Modi targetted the Opposition MPs saying that they didn't let the Parliament run because of their 'inferiority complexes'.

He said there were such "bright MPs in the opposition ...but they aren't being allowed to speak" so that they don't look stronger.

He said that it was the Opposition that was losing out the most as they cannot raise people's issues.

3 Mar 2016PM invokes Gandhis, asks Opposition to be 'responsible'

Narendra Modi, while addressing the Opposition in Lok Sabha invoked former PMs of the Gandhi family.

He quoted Rajiv Gandhi on the requirement for decency in Parliament

Modi then moved on to PM Indira Gandhi about nationalism, and then PM Jawaharlal Nehru highlighting his call for cooperation to keep Parliament working.

He said that the Opposition should let the Parliament function 'peacefully and responsibly'.

3 Mar 2016'First timer' Modi introduces 3 novel ideas

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3 Mar 2016Rajnath Singh takes on Rajya Sabha

As PM Modi took on the lower house, the Home Minister Rajnath Singh took on the issue of secularism in Rajya Sabha.

He said that India is the most secular country in the world where "where people from all sects of Islam are found".

He further talked about terrorism and how no one can call the Muslims anti-nationalists.