Mani Shankar Aiyar: I am proud of Pakistan

12 Feb 2018 | By Shiladitya Ray

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar has sparked controversy yet again by saying that dialogue as a solution to the India-Pakistan issue has been accepted by Pakistan, but not by India.

Speaking at a conference in Karachi, Aiyar said that he was "very proud" of Pakistan's achievement.

Aiyar's words come just days after Pakistan-sponsored terrorists attacked the Sunjuwan army base in Jammu and Kashmir.

In context: Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar sparks controversy again

12 Feb 2018Mani Shankar Aiyar: I am proud of Pakistan

Aiyar's exact words as reported

"And I am very proud and half very sad that this sentence of these three words [uninterrupted and un-interruptable dialogue] have been accepted as Pakistan policy, but has not been accepted as Indian policy," said Aiyar at the function.
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DetailsAiyar says he loves Pakistan because he loves India

Aiyar's words were welcomed with great applause from the audience.

Pakistan newspaper The Express Tribune quoted Aiyar saying, "I love Pakistan because I love India. India should love thy neighbour as thyself".

This is not the first time Aiyar has sparked controversy with his comments.

During the recently concluded Gujarat campaigns, Aiyar had sparked a row by calling PM Modi "neech".

IssuesAiyar says Kashmir issue and terrorism need to be addressed

Aiyar, however, said that Kashmir and "India-directed terrorism" were two very important issues which needed to be dealt with.

He then added that both India and Pakistan should adopt the framework set up by former Pakistan president General Pervez Musharraf's regime.

The Express Tribune report also cited Aiyar as saying that Pakistan's approach to India had improved drastically as opposed to India's marginal improvement.