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13 Feb 2018

In Congress's Punjab, coin toss decides teachers' postings

In a shocking incident, Punjab's technical education minister Charanjit Singh Channi took to tossing a coin to decide on the right candidate, when two teachers were vying for the same post in a polytechnic institute.

Further, the Congress spokesperson claimed that through the coin toss, the minister wanted to allot the posts in a "transparent" manner.

They blamed media for creating unnecessary controversy.

In context

Does Punjab decide teachers' postings through coin-flips now?
So, how did the incident unfold?


So, how did the incident unfold?

Channi had called the 37 mechanical lecturers, recently recruited through the Punjab Public Service Commission examination, to decide their postings.

While most lecturers could select the technical educational institute of their choices, two of them were vying for the same post at Bareta college.

So, Channi made the decision about their posting through the luck-based "heads and tails" method, instead of relying on merit.


How did Congress react?

Congress defended Channi's move.

They stated that both wanted the same post. "One of them said his scores were better than the other candidate, while the other one said he was more experienced."

Though Channi asked them to solve the matter mutually, "but they insisted that he should take a decision." That's when the minister asked whether a coin flip would work for both.

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BJP slammed Channi's act

BJP obviously condemned the minister. Spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao termed the incident "shocking." He accused the minister of being a "gambler." He also said that now CM Amarinder Singh should publicly toss a coin to decide whether Channi should be sacked or forced to resign.

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