Screening of movie sparks political tension in Jadavpur University

7 May 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa

Jadavpur University saw a repeat of February as members of Think India, a wing of BJP students' body ABVP, and those of Faculty of Arts Students (FAS) and Democratic Students Federation (DSF) came to blows.

FAS and DSF students claimed 2 of their members had been molested.

The police registered FIRs against 4 'outsiders' and initiated an inquiry.

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Movie`Buddha in A Traffic Jam' stirs controversy

A political satire directed by Vivek Agnihotri called 'Buddha in a traffic jam' starring Anupam Kher was scheduled to be screened at Jadavpur University.

The JU authorities denied them the permission citing the "model code of conduct prevailing due to state election".

The ABVP organising the screening decided to go ahead with screening the movie in open-air, which led to protests.

6 May 2016Tensions at the Jadavpur University over film screening

A group of students interrupted the screening of director Vivek Agnihotri's "Buddha In A Traffic Jam" at the Jadavpur University.

After the screening, a few women students charged 4 'outsiders' for molestation.

BJP workers, led by Roopa Ganguly, assembled at the campus gate and commanded that the 4 party workers, confined by students for allegedly molesting girls on campus, be handed over to them.

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Director of the movie tweets about the 'mayhem' on JU campus

The director of the movie tweeted: "Massive protest against me and the film...Mayhem at Jadavpur Univ due to a small film. Broke my shoulder. But screened the film. Victory of FoE."
What FAS says happened?

7 May 2016What FAS says happened?

Faculty of Arts Students (FAS) claimed that they had been peacefully protesting against the screening of `Buddha in A Traffic Jam' by raising slogans and displaying black flags.

However, the Think India members had begun assaulting them.

They claimed that 2 girl members of FAS had then been molested and hence they held 4 culprits- "all outsiders" and handed them over to JU authorities.

7 May 2016Screening of movie sparks political tension in Jadavpur University

7 May 2016Angry students to take out a protest march

A day after massive disorder and conflict unleashed at Kolkata's Jadavpur University campus, the students are planning to take out a protest walk in the evening.

The student protesters claim that they are opposing the film's portrayal of nationalism and ABVP's hooliganism.

There have been similar protests against the film at Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University, amidst a heated debate over nationalism.