Former Voice singer Christina Grimmie shot after her concert

11 Jun 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Christina Grimmie

A gunman started shooting at a Florida concert venue where the onetime star of The Voice, singer Christina Grimmie was shot at.

Grimmie had been signing autographs when the shooter opened fire.

Grimmie's brother tackled the killer and in the struggle the shooter then shot himself too.

The Orlando police department confirmed the death of Grimmie on its official Twitter page.

In context: Christina Grimmie

Introduction Christina Grimmie: a powerful, budding voice

New Jersey born Christina Grimmie shot to fame when she finished 3rd during the 6th season of the series 'The Voice' in 2014.

She was a part of Maroon 5 star Adam Levine's team.

She amassed a following on YouTube with her powerful renditions of hit songs

Some of her renditions had as many as a million views on Youtube.

Grimmie first started as Selena Gomez' background voice

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Christina Grimmie had begun her career in Los Angeles in 2012 after joining Selena Gomez on tour to focus on her singing career.
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11 Jun 2016Former Voice singer Christina Grimmie shot after her concert

Celebrity Murders Celebrities murdered while in their primes

In 1980, ohn Lennon,the legendary Beatles singer was murdered by a security guard Mark Chapman. Lennon was only 40.

In 1996, the iconic ideology driven rapper Tupac Shakur was leaving a boxing event in Las Vegas when he was fired at.

Sharon Tate wife of filmmaker Roman Polanski was murdered while she was pregnant in 1971.

Designer Gianni Versace too was shot in 1997.

11 Jun 2016A shocked world prays for Grimmie, tributes come pouring

As the news of Grimmie's death surfaced, fans took to social media to express their grief.

Hashtags #PrayforChristina and #RIPChristina became the top trending hashtags on Twitter.

The Voice paid tribute to Grimmie on their Twitter page.

Adam Levine expressed his shock at her death and posted a picture of himself with her and said that this was just not 'fair'.