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15 May 2018

Understanding Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala's role, currently the king maker

Meet Karnataka Governor, currently the most important man

After a political thriller that played with the minds of almost all political analysts, the ball is now in the court of Karnataka's Governor, Vajubhai Vala.

Though BJP is the single-largest party, an alliance between JD(S) and Congress has changed the dynamics in the election result.

Now, it all depends on Vala. It is still unclear whom he will call to make the government.

In context

Meet Karnataka Governor, currently the most important man
RSS man Vajubhai Vala was once close to Narendra Modi


RSS man Vajubhai Vala was once close to Narendra Modi

Vala was unanimously elected as Gujarat Legislative Speaker in 2012, a decision supported by the then CM Narendra Modi.

Between 1998 and 2012, he was the Finance Minister of Gujarat.

Speaking about his association with RSS, Vala had once said, "It is not in the blood of an RSS worker to work only when they are given any post. We work till our death."

BJP or Congress

The big question: Whom will the Governor call?

There are no set rules for this. The Governor can call either BJP or the coalition of JD(S) and Congress to prove majority. Experts said Vala is likely to call BS Yeddyurappa.

"The Constitution also says that the Governor's discretion can't be questioned even in a court of law," constitutional expert Dr Subhash C Kashyap was quoted by TheNewsMinute.com.

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What will be BJP's next move?

Since BJP doesn't have a clear majority, it is likely to seek time to prove so. The way election results panned out in the past, BJP might chip MLAs away from Congress and JD(S). All is fair in elections, perhaps?

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